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“Tom is an amazing and honorable attorney. He’s quick on his feet and knows the law inside and out. He’s an incredibly caring attorney who will do above and beyond for you. That is my experience and I’m so glad he was there for me and my family.”
— Doris Hugo

“I have personally witnessed Tom Silverman prepare and try cases and represent people and their children for many years, and can say without hesitation that he is the best attorney in the 9th Judicial District, including Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Rifle, Carbondale, Parachute, Meeker and Eagle.”
—Becky Rippy

“Tom’s experience, professionalism and patience made it possible to resolve my case without a trial. I cannot recommend Tom, Katie and Pam and Joe highly enough! I consider The Silverman Law Firm my legal family."
—Sean McWilliams

“I could say a lot more, but here’s the bottom line: I know a great many lawyers, but if I got arrested, I would call Tom. Nobody else.”
—Tom Jirak

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The Best Political Party

Formation of the Best Political Party

October 21, 2011
This is the announcement of the formation of the BEST Political Party.

This Party is independent of Silverman Law Offices and is simply a product of Tom Silverman’s vision of a political party that serves the best interest of the United States of America, its People, and the World.

What are the reasons for the formation of the BEST Political Party?

The current dominant political parties are dependent upon particular blocs, interests, and inflexible policy principles that serve to create power in those parties but do not serve the best interest of our country, our people or our world.

The BEST Party has basic fundamental values and principles but is not tied to any specific policy on any issue. Our goal is to find the best solutions to the problems we face and advocate the constitutional changes, laws, regulations and policies which serve the best interest of all.

By necessity, those best solutions will evolve as we learn what serves us best. We fully expect that our advocacy will change. We expect it to grow as our wisdom and knowledge grows. I would be disappointed if our platform planks did not regularly evolve to serve our best interest as people.

We invite everyone to contribute to the formation of our BEST Party policies and to join our Party to make it a powerful political force for changes that serve all of us and protection of the ideals and institutions that have served us well.

What are the fundamamental precepts of the BEST Party?

We believe that education, knowledge, information, science, and facts should be preeminent in helping us determine our best interest and policies. It is one thing to hold an opinion such as “we should tax our people less” but it is something else to provide the reasons, facts, science, economics and truth to support that opinion.

It is not enough for us to say we think government should be smaller or bigger or stay the same. We have to support that with the reasons that justify the opinion.

If we were to believe that our government’s deficit is our biggest problem, just for example, we need to establish why that is more important than climate change, war, terrorism, population growth, nuclear proliferation or any other problem you can list.

I encourage opinions on helping to form our policies but I urge each contributor to explain the facts that support the opinion.

We will start with a fundamental precept that education is vital because it seems logical beyond argument that the more we know, the better educated and knowledgeable we are as a People, the better decisions we will be capable of making in our interest.

We will have tolerance as a fundamental principle because we believe it is in all of our interest to recognize that all of us are minorities of one definition or another, and that there is a frightening human capacity which permits us to see others as inferior or less deserving or even sub-human. Failing to curb this defect could result in future destruction such as we have seen in the past in the attempted human exterminations of the Jews by the Nazis in Germany, or the American devastation of the Native American population in the United States, or the massive deaths perpetrated in Stalin’s Russia or the massacres in Cambodia, etc., etc., etc.

We will continue to develop our fundamental precepts as we grow the BEST Party.

Now, I would suggest that it is important to have a sense of humor to be part of our party, simply because I like that quality, and what good is it to found a political party if you can’t encourage the characteristics you best appreciate in your members.

We do have an animal symbol. The Democrats have the donkey and the Republicans have the elephant.

The BEST Party has the dog.


Because the dog is as flexible a symbol as the political policies of our Party will be. When we want to exude toughness we can bring out the Pit Bull, the Doberman, and the German Shepherd. When we want to be soft and cute we can use the Shih-Tzu. For international purposes we can use the Afghan, Russian Wolfhound, Chihuahua, or Irish Setter.

The other reason we will use the dog as our symbol is I love dogs.

We do have a motto courtesy of my Mother. “Good better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is your best!”

Welcome to the BEST Political Party.

Let the contributions begin.


Tom Silverman

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